Growing mushrooms

I started a batch of mushrooms a little over a week ago, September 9th to be exact. I could resist no longer and peeked today. The mycelium has started growing in a faint band around the center of the jars about halfway between the top and bottom. I’m excited! This means I have approximately 6 weeks before they’re ready to harvest. Or at least until they’re ready to be transferred to the fruiting chamber.

I’ve had gardens before and grown a number of things, but this is my first attempt at growing mushrooms, so I’m not sure what the results will be. I’ve read extensively about the process of growing mushrooms online and I believe I have a handle on it.

Every article I read says that contamination by mold and other nasties will be quite evident by the bad smell. My container smells like mushrooms, so that’s a good sign. We’re having a cool snap, earlier than usual this year, but the temperature is still above 70 during the day, and the house temperature is remaining relatively constant at 72-75 degrees F. If it cools off too much, I may need to add some warmth to keep my mushies happy.

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