I’ve been having trouble falling asleep this past week, and I’m not sure why. I felt ill for a day or two but no fever or exhaustion (no more than usual), so it probably wasn’t the Rona. Maybe I ate something that was bad. It’s soured my mood even more than usual at this time of year. I hate knowing that winter is just around the corner. I hate that it’s getting cold so soon. The landlords haven’t turned on the heat yet, so it’s a little chilly in here. I know a shower will warm things up but I don’t want to get undressed.

There’s so much I need to get done but I just don’t wanna! I don’t know where all this resistance is coming from, I wish I’d get over it soon though. Part of it might be that my mushies aren’t doing as well as I thought. The faint traces of white that I though was the mycelium spreading turned out to be just schmutz on the outside of the jars from the boiling water.

Just call me little miss crankypants.

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