I’m a big fan of EFT, in particular the methods revised by the Ortner family commonly called The Tapping Solution. It basically breaks the electrical circuit in your brain when you start to panic and even though it’s very simple to do, theffects are profound and long lasting. I highly recommend it to anyone who has issues of any kind. You tap on the ends of the Chinese energy meridians and it sends a signal to your amygdala which helps calm the fight or flight (or freeze) response. Everyone has a default setting here; mine is to freeze.

There is a website, TheTappingSolution.com, a FB page and an app available for both iOS and Android. I use the app almost daily and am a premium subscriber which means I have access to all the content. I think it’s really worth the subscription price but if you want to check it out there are a couple dozenmeditations on the app that are free.

At the present moment I’m using the app’s meditations to help me relax before bedtime to combat insomnia. I also signed up to participate in a 7 week paid series called The 7 Week Life Reboot. This series is an in-depth look at the ways in which one sabotages oneself and ways to use Tapping to break out of the patterns that are keeping you stuck. It’s hard work examining yourself and I haven’t been keeping up with it due to an unwillingness to look that closely at my beliefs. That said, I really do want to reboot my life and get something going that will help me feel happy and fulfilled, so I’ve decided to blog about my experience. I have to do the work in order to write about it. In the coming days, I will blog about the materials and my work with each week as I do them. I started out on Week 1 and did well but Week 2 did me in and by Week 3 I had stopped completely. The rest of the group is on Week 5, so I have quite a bit of catching up to do.

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