Covid 19 update, mushroom update

Sunday, 9/27, Lehigh County had 5,543 confirmed cases and 353 deaths. PA totals were 151,299 confirmed cases & 8,106 deaths

Today’s totals were 5,557/353 and 151,944/8107.

Nobody died in Lehigh county from Covid 19, and only 1 person in the state. New cases in Lehigh were 14, seems to be standard, and for PA 645, less than usual by about 15%.

On an even happier note, I’ve seen progress on my mycelium spreading. Yay, in about 2 months I’ll have shrooms! Squeee! I started some extra on the 23rd around 10 a.m. since I hadn’t seen any evidence of growth in the 2 weeks I’ve been watching my jars. I don’t see any action in the new batch, and only 1 jar of the initial batch is showing decent spread, but I think I see a little growth in 2 of the other 3 jars as well. I’ll know better in a day or two. I’ve moved the tote to the top shelf of my new bathroom shelving unit so it should be warmer for them.

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