Health: Edema

I’m getting old. I’m overweight and my health isn’t what I’d like it to be. It’s a vicious circle. Here’s my dilemma. Exercise is difficult because of being close to 100 pounds overweight and asthmatic. Nobody believes I’m that overweight, but my scale doesn’t lie (much). When I try to exercise either my lungs seize up and I start having asthmatic symptoms or my back and joints starts hurting really bad. So I dose on ibuprofen for pain and albuterol for breathing (in addition to my daily Symbicort maintenance Rx). This makes me jittery so I can either take diphenhydramine (Benadryl) which also opens my lungs some and gives the added benefit of sleeping more than 4 hours which is my norm (since with the being overweight and edemic I have to pee every hour or so), or alcohol which I don’t really like. Or I self-medicate with food. Sometimes all of the above.

I’ve been trying to walk a couple times a week, gentle exercise to get me started, maybe give my metabolism a little boost, but my feet and lower legs swell something awful after walking. I was working a new job a few months ago and got cellulitis in my lower legs from the work boots chafing. Ever since then I’ve been blowing up like a balloon whenever I don’t put my feet up. How can I exercise with my feet up?

I know I have scar tissue in my shins and ankles from being T-boned in an MVA 25 years ago. My feet were black and blue almost up to my knees, and there are still several spots that never turned normal. My doctor said it’s scar tissue under the skin. I think the cellulitis might have added some scar tissue, so now my lymphatic system isn’t working right.

I need to figure out a way to make this right. Fixing my edema problem will help me with my walking, which will strengthen my muscles some and boost my metabolism. That will help me burn more calories and lose some of this weight.

I’m going to google it or explore You Tube and see what I can find. I wonder if it’s possible to break up scar tissue that is deep in the body with massage. I know it works on superficial scar tissue, so I’ll probably give it a try, if I can manage to get my lower leg into a position where I can work on it for more than a few seconds. Any suggestions for fixing edema would be greatly appreciated.

Once I’ve lost 30 pounds give or take, my joints won’t ache so bad and I can start doing yoga and strength training. Ok I could start weight training now, but it’s hard enough carrying around this extra 100 pounds, and I’m not sure my body would handle the extra stress well. No, it’s barely handling the weight I’m carrying now, it definitely won’t handle it if I try to add weight.

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