Mushrooms by the Moon

I’m an astrologer, gardener, and science geek (none professionally), and I tend to combine my hobbies. I’m in the final phase of my first attempt at growing mushrooms, and I took some notes on the astrological aspects at each stage. I’ve tried researching what astrological influences might affect mushrooms, but have yet to find anyone who says anything on the matter, except for one comment in some forum where someone declared that since they’re mostly water, the Moon would rule them. So, this is groundbreaking stuff here. I am a pioneer. Well, I did want to be a cowgirl when I was 4.

September 23, 2020 @ approximately 10:28a.m. Inoculation of bag of rice with spore syringe. Moderate but not stringent sterilization techniques used. There’s a fire sign Grand Trine between Venus/MC (in Leo conjunct my natal Jupiter), Moon 2nd house (Saggitarius at the Galactic Center and opposition to my natal Venus) and Mars 6th house (in Aries, opposite Mercury, the planet of communication and loosely opposite my natal Ascendant).

Lots of fire for germination. Is it germination when it’s spores or is that term only used for seeds? Hm… Trines add positive energy to the combinations, and Oppositions require some adjustment but will give good rewards once the proper adjustments are made. 2nd house is resources and what you value, 6th house is health. Since my reason for wanting to journey with mushrooms is to regain lost health, this seemed a fortuitous time to do the inoculation.

I used extra ccs in the bag. They recommended 1 cc per bag, but I had 5 ccs left from my initial attempt (all of which failed except for 2 jars), so I decided to throw all in and use all 5 ccs in the one bag I had available. As expected, the spores colonized the bag quickly and robustly, doing in 5 weeks better than the jars did in 8. I left it for an extra week to make sure it was as full as it was going to get. Double Blind cautions against moving to the next step too quickly.

October 26, 2020 approximately 4pm I sterilized the bag and scissors and cut it open. I put the brick of mycelium into a 1 gallon ziplock bag and added about a quart of distilled water to it to help it rehydrate. Sealed it immediately and put it back in the growing tub.

Moon and Neptune in wide conjunction with the ASC in Pisces (good for growth and moisture, hopefully). No aspects to anything in my chart.

October 27, 2020 at approximately 2:45pm I introduced the crumbled brick of mycelium to the fruiting chamber. I sterilized a clear 12 qt tote with alcohol and cut (broke) holes in the large sides to air flow. I covered the holes with micropore tape after wiping it all down again with alcohol. I had sterilized the growing medium earlier in the day, a coir and perlite and vermiculite mixture, sterilized by using boiling water to reconstitute it. The directions were to allow it to cool to room temperature so as to not risk killing the mycelium, but I was getting ready to leave for a few days and needed to git-er-done, so I used it while it was still a little warm. I did wear gloves for this step, realizing that I probably should have been using gloves for each step. As an ex-EMT, I’m compulsive about washing my hands though, so I guess it was ok for the other steps. I used one of my brewing spoons to scoop the potting mixture into the fruiting chamber about 3″ deep, patting it down gently with a slight upward slope at the edges. I then crumbled the mycelium atop it, keeping the crumbles away from the edge as much as possible and topped it with a scant inch of more potting mix. Double Blind recommends not opening the tote for a couple days, so I wanted this step to happen right before I went to help a friend for a few days, knowing I’d be tempted and it could sit unmolested if I’m not there. I came home Friday 10-30-2020 to find the mycelium growing atop the potting mix. Good, I didn’t kill it! I didn’t notice any astrological aspects that stood out.

So, my little mushies are doing well. Over the next week or so, it will be my job to make sure they get adaquate air flow and moisture while keeping contaminants away, and soon I should have a nice crop to harvest.

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