My Next Batch

I finally found the information I’ve been seeking for several months now. The link will take you to the page where I found information on an astrological correspondence between the moon and growing mushrooms. The write of the paper, Michael Barreto, Ph.D. says he correlated data from a previous year’s records at a mushroom farm where he was working and extrapolated the info that follows. He said that the “good days/neutral days/bad days” had an effect (about 20% difference), but even more than that, the Moon’s element that the mushrooms were inoculated during played an even bigger part. The numbers are kilos of mushrooms harvested. It was not clear if this was the total harvest for all the inoculated blocks of substrate or for each one, although thinking about it makes me want to assume it’s total harvest. Honestly though, as long as it’s applied across the board, it doesn’t matter to me which.

air=680, fire=640, earth=560, water=530

In prior research online I had read that water was the element to which mushrooms belonged, but for some reason that didn’t sit right with me. I’m so glad I continued to search for information! It makes much more sense to me that mushrooms would fall under Air (flowering plants) or Fire (fruiting plants). As you can see from his research, Air produced the most and Water the least.

As I am not planning to use the spores of the mushrooms I grow (this time), I have chosen to do the inoculation on Wednesday, November 11, when the moon enters Libra, an air sign. I also noticed that the astrological chart I did for that date showed the Moon at 0°01′ at 11:11 a.m. I like the idea that I will be inoculating my substrate at 11:11 a.m. On 11/11!

However, the Moon is waning and almost new, so maybe I should wait until the moon is in waxing phase. That would require and extra week of waiting. That’s torture for someone like me! On the other hand, having an extra week to prepare is a very good thig, as I am one of those people who wait until the last minute to start my preparations.

There are times I really hate having a Gemini Mercury! There’s always the… but what if?… that I have to deal with. If only my memory were better and I could remember stuff like I used to. I guess I’ll just have to start writing everything down like a normal researcher.

I most likely will do both, waning Fire and then also waxing Air. I’d better get a Sharpie so I can mark the containers as to which is which. It would really such to be halfway through the experiment and not be able to tell them apart. It’s added to my shopping list. I already have the microwavable rice to inoculate, as well as the tub in which to store them while they colonize the bags/dishes.

I got a bunch of different kinds and brands of brown rice to use, and I have 4 strains of spores, so this really will be a Grand Experiment! Don’t hold your breath waiting for the final results though. I have a tendency of thinking I’ll remember enough details that I don’t have to stop and record each step. I should know better. If people are interested, I’ll try to be a little better at record keeping.

My normal way of doing things is to gather information for a while and then think about it a lot. Then, all of a sudden, I will make a decision but not be able to back it up with facts as to why I chose the options I did. It isn’t as though I choose to trust my intuition, but the thought of having to put it into words terrifies me. My Monkey-Mind doesn’t let me focus clearly on one thought at a time… there are always several thoughts in there competing for attention. I’ve never learned to quiet my mind enough to think clearly. I was a lot better before my car accident, but I’m much better now than I was right after the accident. I am very grateful that brain injuries can be healed even if nerve tissue does heal very slowly.

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