New Calculations

My calculations were wrong. I am not feeling well, and my brain is foggy so I am double and triple checking my figures to make sure my timing is accurate. Because of course my brain will not turn off and let me rest. It seems that one of my favorite websites for gleaning astrological information (easy to read and understand) uses Vedic astrology, so it isn’t exactly compatible with western astrology. This of course threw off my calculations.

My new information is as follows. The Moon will enter its next air sign while waxing at approximately 3:25pm EST on November 19, 2020. I decided to check and see about the Void of Course information. The Moon not only won’t be Void of Course (not efficient for starting things) but the aspects immediately before the VoC (sextile Sun) and after entering Aquarius (sextile Mars) are both considered Harmonious, which indicates a favorable outcome.

My new date for inoculating is November 19, 2020 after 3:25pm. With the way I’ve been sleeping (not much at all) that is perfect!

Of course, the VoC for my original date is also favorable, so if I decide I really can’t wait and have a sudden burst of energy, I can always inoculate on the 15th between the hours of 2pm and 3:30pm as the Moon will be Saggitarius (fire and next best to air) in the 8th House which deals with transformation; think Scorpio or Pluto which are the corresponding sign and planet. That might be enough to offset the lesser element. It’s a small window though, and with me not feeling my best I tend to move slowly and miss oopportunities.

If anyone has questions about my methods, mushrooms or astrology in general, please feel free to ask. I enjoy interacting with people and talking about astrology. And I would love to have feedback if anyone has anything to say, just please be kind. I tend to be a bit of a teacher when it comes to things I love, so I will explain things unless you don’t want me to.

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