First Flush

Several days ago my mushrooms started to pin, and I got so excited that I forgot to write because they grew so quickly I swear I could see the growth. I couldn’t believe they were growing that quickly so I took a picture with my phone and the another 6 hours later. It wasn’t actually *that* fast. Barely a perceptible difference between the two pics. The largest was ready to harvest the next morning! I probably should have harvested it that evening because by morning the big one had opened fully. From what I’ve read, as soon as they open they drop spores, and having spores land on the mycelium signals to the mycelium it’s time to stop fruiting and go into mycelium-growth mode. So I picked the big one and all the medium sized ones also for fear that they’d open and start spawning while I wasn’t paying attention too.

My first harvest was about 80 grams of mushrooms, so being the impatient person I am, I decided that this was the morning I should try them. I carefully cleaned the substrate off the ends of my little mushies and weighed out some. According to my research, the fresh reduce to 1/10 the weight when they are dried, so I figured for a medium dose I should use about 35 grams. For some reason I used 42. I like the number, I guess. I’d read that when using the fresh mushrooms you can add them to food, but not to cook them too much or you destroy some of the psychoactive components. I decided to have them in a smoothie.

I used too much. It’s been 40 years since I tripped and I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong. Using them in a smoothie was a good idea though, because the active compounds entered my body in a few minutes (maybe 15). As soon as I realized how strong they were I was able to get them out of my system and minimize the trip. It took a few hours to come down but I managed to get through it ok, but it was uncomfortable and not at all what I was in the mood for. I wasn’t expecting the physical reaction to it. My mind was prepared for the colors and patterns which were quite vivid, but my body wasn’t prepared for the tension. I wanted to move. I wanted to be up and active, or at least my body did. The last time I did mushrooms I had a particularly trying time with the physical sensations. All my muscles tightened up and it felt as though my abdominal walls were going to rip in half they were so tight. I was remembering this as the physical symptoms started this time and it scared me. I can’t deal with the physical symptoms the way I used to so I was beginning to panic. As I was alone, I decided to make myself throw up and get rid of whatever was remaining in my stomach that hadn’t yet been absorbed into my bloodstream. Within a few minutes I could feel that the intensity wasn’t getting any stronger, so I was able to relax a little and try to enjoy the visuals, but by that point I’d gotten myself too worked up to fully relax into it. Once it subsided a little more I was able to go back to sleep and sleep though the rest of the trip. Very vivid dreams, I’m sad I didn’t write them down immediately because I forget as soon as I start moving around.

I’ve read that the physical symptoms are related to ingesting the mushroom itself and that you can get around this by making a tea. I’m not ready to try again just yet, but next time I will use less and I will make a tea of them. I need to do more research. I seem to remember something about there being two psychoactive substances, psilocybe and psilocin or something like that. I wonder if the two give different reactions. I know one of the two are degraded by heat so I’m thinking (hoping) that maybe the one that gets degraded by heat might be responsible for the discomfort. I’ll let you all know.

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