Unexpected Healing

Ordinarily I wouldn’t click on anything religious that I see on Facebook because I have seen too much deception (conmen claiming to speak for God) but today I was bored and restless and clicked on something a friend posted. It was a link to a Joyce Meyers page.

I was a serious Christian when I was younger. I wasn’t well liked in my church because I kept asking questions. They were hard questions, and from an early age I was always in trouble with the teachers. I learned to go my own way and look for the answers myself. I gradually stopped looking just in the Bible and started researching other religions as well. I found that many of the world’s religions have the same basic philosophy, and grew to understand God as “the Great Scientist” more than my Heavenly Father”. I didn’t really have a father to relate this too, as my own father left after my mom told him she was pregnant with me, and my step-father was a PTSD-filled alcoholic with rage issues. The Great Scientist I could relate to. He was more real to me than any other deity I could imagine.

I like Joyce Meyers. She is plain-spoken and down to earth. She realizes that a plan for one person isn’t necessarily a plan for another. Each of us are called to fulfill a different purpose. And this link took me to her web page where I signed up for a week long course in using the wisdom of the Proverbs in our daily lives. Being the instant-gratification junkie that I am, I surfed the joycemeyers.org page a little. I clicked on “Today’s Show” and watched. It was interesting but nothing of great significance to me, but she touched me when she made a comment about her early life.

She shared that she had been abused as a child and cheated on by her husband. This was during the portion where she was talking about how to tell if you’re actually listening to God/Holy Spirit or if it’s just your own thoughts. It touched me, as I can relate to that… then she said, “I never trusted that anyone could love me enough to make good choices for me.” That comment sucked all the rationality and detachment out of me and I started to cry. I started using the Tapping to help me heal this part of my past. I need to work on it more, but it was like getting an electric shock having someone speak my own truth to me. Wow. I think this may be the key I need to unlock my heart.


Just in case anyone is inspired to check it out. If you do, let me know what you think of it. If you are not a Christian and are having trouble reconciling her terminology with your chosen religion, I suggest that every time she says God you use your own term in your mind, and every time she says Holy Spirit, think of it as that part inside us where our true guidance comes from.

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