Health: Edema

I’m getting old. I’m overweight and my health isn’t what I’d like it to be. It’s a vicious circle. Here’s my dilemma. Exercise is difficult because of being close to 100 pounds overweight and asthmatic. Nobody believes I’m that overweight, but my scale doesn’t lie (much). When I try to exercise either my lungs seizeContinue reading “Health: Edema”

Covid 19 update, mushroom update

Sunday, 9/27, Lehigh County had 5,543 confirmed cases and 353 deaths. PA totals were 151,299 confirmed cases & 8,106 deaths Today’s totals were 5,557/353 and 151,944/8107. Nobody died in Lehigh county from Covid 19, and only 1 person in the state. New cases in Lehigh were 14, seems to be standard, and for PA 645,Continue reading “Covid 19 update, mushroom update”