Unexpected Healing

Ordinarily I wouldn’t click on anything religious that I see on Facebook because I have seen too much deception (conmen claiming to speak for God) but today I was bored and restless and clicked on something a friend posted. It was a link to a Joyce Meyers page. I was a serious Christian when IContinue reading “Unexpected Healing”

First Flush

Several days ago my mushrooms started to pin, and I got so excited that I forgot to write because they grew so quickly I swear I could see the growth. I couldn’t believe they were growing that quickly so I took a picture with my phone and the another 6 hours later. It wasn’t actuallyContinue reading “First Flush”


So this is what pinning looks like! Squeee! I have little baby shroomies!

New Calculations

My calculations were wrong. I am not feeling well, and my brain is foggy so I am double and triple checking my figures to make sure my timing is accurate. Because of course my brain will not turn off and let me rest. It seems that one of my favorite websites for gleaning astrological informationContinue reading “New Calculations”

My Next Batch

I finally found the information I’ve been seeking for several months now. The link will take you to the page where I found information on an astrological correspondence between the moon and growing mushrooms. The write of the paper, Michael Barreto, Ph.D. says he correlated data from a previous year’s records at a mushroom farmContinue reading “My Next Batch”

Sleep, or lack thereof

I’ve always been one of those sensitive types… if someone around me wasn’t feeling well, either unhappy or physically sick, it would bother me. Even as a child I could see and feel people’s pain when others could not. I remember being very young and watching The Sonny and Cher Show on TV with myContinue reading “Sleep, or lack thereof”

Mushrooms by the Moon

I’m an astrologer, gardener, and science geek (none professionally), and I tend to combine my hobbies. I’m in the final phase of my first attempt at growing mushrooms, and I took some notes on the astrological aspects at each stage. I’ve tried researching what astrological influences might affect mushrooms, but have yet to find anyoneContinue reading “Mushrooms by the Moon”


Back in early September, I decided I had gathered enough information to try my hand at growing mushrooms. I’d been researching for about 3 years off and on, but got serious with the self-isolation of the Covid 19 lockdown. Maybe it was time, maybe I was just too bored and needed to do something different.Continue reading “Mushrooms”


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